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At Foxridge Dental we are excited to partner with OVERJET – the world-leader in dental AI. Overjet is the only technology cleared by the FDA to detect, outline, and quantify oral diseases such as cavities, calculus, and bone decay with millimeter-level precision.

How does OVERJET work?

Through years of training, our dentists are experts in reading imaging results, able to see decay, cavities and more on your X-rays. For the lay person, these results are often much more difficult to interpret, even when the dentist is pointing out what he or she is seeing. OVERJET technology analyzes the X-ray images similar to how the dentist would, then overlays that image with colored highlighting and measurements to illuminate any diseases, conditions and more. Essentially, this allows our patients to see what the dentist sees!

Overjet Xray


Overjet Withoverjetxray

X-Ray with OVERJET

What are the benefits of OVERJET?

OVERJET technology offers a range of benefits to both the patient and the practice.

For our patients, this allows you to truly see what the dentists sees when looking at your images, allowing you to feel confident in your understanding of your diagnosis and our recommended treatment. This advanced imaging also allows us to fully optimize your care, identifying and addressing conditions early for more effective treatment. OVERJET technology has also helped improve claim acceptance with dental insurance providers, ensuring you receive the care and benefits you have paid for!

In the office, OVERJET has allowed us to more quickly identify, outline and quantify dental conditions in order to develop the most effective treatment plan for you. We have found that patients reluctant to begin treatment are often unsure of their diagnosis because they simply can’t see what their provider is referring to. OVERJET allows us to more effectively show each patient what is happening with their oral health and develop a plan that meets each patient’s needs.

Does OVERJET make my dental care more expensive?

No, OVERJET technology is not an additional expense to patients. In fact, in many cases, the use of OVERJET has allowed us to better illustrate the need for treatment when submitting dental insurance claims on our patients’ behalf.

How does OVERJET technology use artificial intelligence?

OVERJET AI has analyzed millions of cases and uses that machine learning and technology to analyze patient x-rays and highlight areas of concern in your X-ray using clear, bright colors, allowing you to make informed decisions, and take control of your own oral health.