We are committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care. The following is a statement of our financial policy, which we require that you read and sign prior to any treatment. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about this statement.


Payment of services provided is considered a part of your treatment. We require payment at the time the dental treatment is provided unless other arrangements have been made. Our office accepts cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. A standard returned check fee of $25 will be applied to your account for a non-sufficient fund payment. In the case it becomes necessary for our office to enlist a collection service, you will be responsible for the fee associated with the collection agency. The fee is $50.


We have partnered with GreenState Credit Union to offer third party financing for dental treatment. Please ask us if you would like more information regarding this program.

Dental Insurance

If you have dental insurance please bring the card to your first appointment and notify us if your plan or policy changes in the future. We are happy to help you file your insurance claims, and work with your dental insurance provider regarding treatment estimates. Please understand the estimate is exactly that, and while close to the actual cost, variations do occur. If you would like a more accurate estimate a pre-authorization may be submitted and is usually returned within 3-4 weeks.Often a deductible or co-payment is required by your insurance company for treatment and we will help make you aware of what that is for your individual plan. These are based on pre- treatment estimates and/or pre-authorizations. Insurance payments are ordinarily received within 30-60 days from the time of filing. If your insurance company has not made a payment within 60 days, we will ask that you assist us by contacting your insurance company to make sure payment is expedited. If payment is not received or your claim is denied, you will be responsible for paying the full amount of the completed treatment. We will cooperate fully with the regulations and requests of your insurance company that may assist in the claim being paid. Our office will not, however, enter into dispute with your insurance company over any claim. We will do all we can to assist with your insurance.

Missed Appointments

Please make every effort to keep your scheduled appointment. Notice of 48 hours is optimal, but any notice is better than none. Late cancellations or multiple missed appointments may incur a missed appointment fee. Excessive cancellations or missed appointments may result in the termination of our treatment agreement.
We thank you for the opportunity to serve your dental healthcare needs and welcome any questions you may have concerning your care or our financial policy.